Planet Fitness

If you are a bit timid about going to the gym this is a great place to start. They offer very cheap memberships, the gym is extremely clean, and it has a very comfortable environment for almost all levels of fitness. The weights are fairly limited but there is plenty of cardio equipment. Although i did enjoy this gym it was limiting and I eventually switched to expand my fitness.

You can get a membership for just $10 bucks a month which is a great deal. If you pay $20 you get unlimited tanning, message chairs, and discounts on merchandise. I had the $20 membership which also allows you to bring a guest with you anytime you go to the gym. I would bring my coworker with me during lunches to run and do hiit workouts during the winter.

This gym was very close to my house and i worked out here for a couple years to do my basic training and lifting. I was amazed at the diversity of people and fitness level at this gym. It was great to see people you wouldn't see in your typical gym working hard in the gym. If you are a bit nervous about finding a gym and intimidated I suggest this gym for you. It's a great starting point.

This is not a gym for the hardcore lifters and fitness enthusiasts. They target the demographic of people who don't typically go to the gym. I think this is a great idea but they have a dress code, no dropping weights, and what they call a lunk alarm. If you violate one of there rules they ring the alarm and it can be a bit embarrassing.

I eventually transitioned to a different gym because the weights are limited. They do not have free weights. The only way to bench was on a smith machine and the dumbbells only went to 60lbs. The smith machine came down at an angle and the machines are placed a little crooked. If you didn’t get the bench in there just right you risked the chance at hurting your shoulders.


  • Clean and working equipment
  • Comfortable and friendly environment
  • Plenty of cardio machines
  • Cheap and great membership benefits for what you pay


  • No free weights
  • Dress code and lunk alarm
  • Extremely busy at times and hard to get on equipment
  • Good luck canceling a membership early without giant fees

Overall i liked this gym but it was time to move on to a less limited gym. If your a beginner or just need a place to do cardio inside, this is a perfect gym for you.