Rena Fitness

Rena is a high intensity interval training class. The membership is a decently priced punch cards which never expires. The workouts are spread out into an 11 week cycle which increases in difficulty each week. The classes are about 30 min long of all bodyweight movements with high intensity. The trainers and students are highly motivated and will encourage you to push yourself. The downside is that your encouraged to not do other means of training and that this type of HIIT workout is all you need.

The classes range from early morning to evening classes. You can purchase a punchard of 10 and 20 which on average is about $3.50 a class. There is the option to do one free class to try the workout but make sure you show up 20 minutes early for the introduction. If you are just getting back into shape i would suggest finding out what week of the cycle the class is currently in. The weeks get progressively harder and it may be discouraging to jump in the class past week 8. After the 11 week cycle ends there is a 2 week rest break and then the next cycle starts backup.

The classes are about 30 minutes long. The class starts up immediately with no warm up or stretching. The workouts are anywhere from 8 or 9 sets to maybe 5 sets depending on which week the cycle is in. The sets may consist of patterns such as Tabata or other work to rest ratio patterns. Sometimes the work to rest is scattered and does not follow a pattern and you could get 5, 6, or even more work intervals in a set before a rest. Each one of the workouts are created and structured by the owner of the gym who also does teach classes. After each set there is a rest interval. In the beginning of the cycles the after set rest starts out at 1 minute and will decrease to 30 seconds by the end of the cycle.

The instructors are normally very good at motivating you while you are working out. They encourage you to push yourself. They are almost to good at getting you to the push yourself to the point of the class being unhealthy at times. The main instructor preaches form but at the same time is pushing you to hard to really be able to focus on good form. This was conflicting and i eventually found myself getting hurt. When i started pushing really hard and fatigue set in the form went right out the window. In a class of 30 people it's hard for an instructor to critique and pay attention to that many people. I eventually stopped doing the class and started doing my own workouts. The owner of the gym is very hyped on the workout and would scold people who lifted weights or did other types of training. I was told that with lifting weights you just have to lift more weight or do more reps which eventually would lead to injury and i should just do HIIT workouts. This was extremely discouraging because everything he said about lifting was happening to me from doing this class. I began to have knee, wrist, and back problems.

My take away from this class is that it is a wonderful workout in moderation. The class is extremely challenging in an environment with others who want you to succeed. I would suggest this class to others but it's not something that you could do every day at 100% without risking injury. Don't get caught up in the hype of a new workout as I did. The instructors were such great motivators i was caught up so much i neglected to listen to my body which lead to injury. All that said this is a great challenging workout. The instructors are great motivators and you will most likely gain more than just physical strength but also some mental toughness.